Employee Spotlight Ione

Employee Spotlight: Ione

Acquiring the right people should be, by far, the most important part of any organization’s business plan. Why? Because people are the largest investment a company will make.

And for Yempo, which partners with companies worldwide to provide them with the best professionals available, recruitment and talent acquisition are its lifeblood.

This month’s employee spotlight falls on Ione, Yempo’s Global Talent Acquisition Sr. Lead.

1. What is her role at Yempo?

Ione, who has been with the company for two years now, does internal recruitment for Yempo, which entails everything from posting job ads, screening candidates, headhunting, liaising with clients and candidates, creating reports for the clients, and crafting job offers.

2. What can Yempo employees contact her about?

Aside from the standard recruitment concerns, new hires come to her regarding HR or admin concerns because employees find her friendly and easy to talk to.

4. What are some of the projects she’s working on in 2019?

Currently, Ione is drafting salary recommendations for the upcoming salary review in February. She’s creates these by doing market scans and comparing them to Yempo’s current employee salaries.

5. What does she love most about her job?

Aside from the people, Ione loves finding the right candidate for the position and the excitement when they sign the job offer. She finds that it’s the best part of her recruitment job. 

6. What are her strongest skills?

Aside from her recruitment skills, Ione considers her social skills as her strongest suit. She is very approachable, and she loves engaging with people, talking to them, being friends with them, and building bridges.

7. What does she like best about Yempo’s culture?

What Ione has noticed at Yempo is that everyone is very close, like a big family, and everyone trusts each other. She notes that Yempo is void of politics and toxicity, which really builds a positive culture. Ione also thinks that the monthly gatherings are a big help, which also draws everyone together. 

8. Which core value (commitment, excellence, community) is the most important to her? Why?

Ione finds that community is the most important core value to her. She likes building bridges and building communities at Yempo and finds it important to be able to help and extend a hand where needed.

9. Where does she see her career 5 years from now?

She sees herself still in recruitment, because she really loves what she does, but she also wants to explore employee engagement as she enjoys communication and engaging with each new hire.

10. Does she have a quote, advice, or motto that she follows that might inspire other Yempo employees? 

“I always want to look at the positive side of life. I’m rarely stressed, and I think this has a lot to do with it because I always try to look at things positively. Although, I’m not saying that they shouldn’t look at the negative side as well, because if you want to make good decisions, you also have to look at the downsides too. That’s how you make smart decisions. But it’s good to be always positive.”