Yempo Employee Spotlight: Euneez

Yempo Employee Spotlight: Euneez

This month’s employee spotlight falls on Euneez, a Talent Acquisition Lead for Yempo. She’s been with the company for three years now, a pioneer of sorts for Yempo, and she’s in charge of filling job vacancies for clients and Yempo’s internal vacancies. Processes end-to-end recruitment as well as onboarding.

How did she come to work for Yempo?

When Euneez started working for Yempo, the company was in its early stages, and so the recruitment process wasn’t structured as it is right now. She helped strengthen the recruitment process to what it is now, which includes the improvement of internal processes like screening of resumes as well as other major internal processes.

As for how she heard about Yempo, she was actively looking for job opportunities after resigning from her previous job, and fortunately, Yempo responded to her.

What’s the best thing about her job?

Euneez says the best thing about her job is the fulfillment she gets when filling roles. She feels that the hard work and effort is all worth it when she makes the client, the candidates, and Yempo happy. She sees it as a really big achievement for her when clients would commend her for filling in a role.

Is she still improving her skills career-wise?

A big yes, Euneez says, and it’s the job vacancies themselves that have helped improve her knowledge. Job descriptions she receives from clients are very diverse, and the first thing she does when she encounters these is that she does research. And that is where, according to Euneez, the knowledge comes in. Each job description has different skill sets, applicants who have different professional tools that they’re exposed to, so what she initially does first is to research about the client. So whenever a similar job description comes in, or a similar applicant comes in, she already knows more or less what the applicant’s professional background is. Euneez also does coaching and mentoring junior staff, and she is also trying hard to be a more effective leader.

Euneez says that she’s happy that Yempo has been supportive of her improving her skills, even her planning to further her education and exploring other areas of HR.

How does she manage to get the best employees?

Euneez says that other companies don’t use an application form, as Yempo does. The application form helps the recruiter to evaluate the candidates better. It also strengthens the qualification of the employee in the eyes of the client.

She adds that to get the best employees, you really need to have good screening skills, and you really need to be familiar with some of the skills and background that the client is looking for. Euneez adds that it doesn’t matter how many applicants are endorsed, what matters in the end is, one of them—who is most qualified–gets past an interview.

Background checks are also important, and Yempo does background checks and reference checks. It’s normal for clients, especially meticulous ones, to request for reference checks.

What is her best experience so far working for Yempo?

Her best work experience so far, according to Euneez, was when she needed to step up her responsibilities when a previous HR executive left. This also made her realize what her limitations were and made her push herself to study other HR-related concepts that she could apply to Yempo. Euneez says this made her want to attend HR trainings and update herself and be informed. She believes that knowledge is power. She is thankful for that experience, which made her go out of her comfort zone.

What are some pieces of advice that she wants to share?

1. “Never lose track of what’s in front of you. Never lose sight of the things you currently have. Because when you know what you have, you know when to take a step forward, a step back, or when to take a detour.”

2. “Learn how to practice work-life balance. It’s good for emotional and mental health when you balance your work and personal life. Any kind of work will exhaust you both mentally and emotionally. You need to learn when to get in and get out. Trying to practice work-life balance helps make it easy for you.”

3. “Always keep yourself grounded. There are always a lot of things to learn, so never stop learning. Don’t keep yourself on a high horse; it will actually bring you down.”