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Yempo (“Your Employees Offshore”) is a values-driven, Western-owned outsourcing company operating from three boutique offices in the Philippines. Its aim is to enable access to high caliber, low-cost resources for small to medium enterprises and those not yet exposed to the benefits of outsourcing offshore. We value Commitment, Excellence and Community and run a highly professional organisation operating with the utmost respect and consideration for the local culture.

Michelle Fiegehen is an Australian senior director now residing in the Philippines, overseeing and building the Yempo centres in Cebu and Manila. Michelle spent the last 10 years building multi-disciplinary delivery teams of offshore staff in both the Philippines and India, while managing and integrating geographically diverse teams in the US, UK, South Africa, Australia and across Asia. Her global experience has given her a strong understanding of the cultural differences between nationalities and how to effectively address them for productive and cohesive relationships.

Ian Parkin started his career in England and now resides in Australia, having lived and worked in the UK, USA and across Asia. Ian has extensive experience leading teams located across multiple time-zones and cultures as well as delivering solutions through offshore service centres. In his former corporate life, Ian utilized his strong IT background to specialize in the technical integration aspects of mergers and acquisitions. He ensured personnel and technologies continued to seamlessly deliver uninterrupted services to customers throughout the transition.

Michelle and Ian have been working together for more than 12 years and have worked at both ends of the offshore outsourcing model, with Michelle building the capability and Ian consuming it. They have a robust understanding of the benefits and challenges in working with different cultures and have developed tools and techniques to address them. As a result, Yempo is proud to have won the business of prestigious and award-winning organisations who consider Yempo management as members of their own global management team.

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