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Our Values


As an employee, you are expected to honour any commitments you make; if you say you will do something, you do it. It is important that your reputation is one of reliability, consistency, and dedication.


You don’t need to be a perfectionist to work at Yempo; we value people who can make pragmatic, sensible decisions. Your work will be of the highest quality as standard and you will aim to exceed your client’s expectations.


We provide an excellent team-based environment whether you work for a client with 1 Yempo employee or 20. We support your client’s culture too.


We understand the importance of work-life balance. It’s not all work for the Yempo team. We also have loads of fun!

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Employee Spotlights


Being an Office Administrator is a tough job. In some ways, you are expected to act as gatekeeper to everyone in the organization, keep things organized…


Acquiring the right people should be, by far, the most important part of any organization’s business plan. Why? Because people are the largest investment a company…


This month’s employee spotlight is on Mark, a Systems Engineer for one of Yempo’s clients that provides services to different companies in Australia…


This month’s employee spotlight falls on Euneez, a Talent Acquisition Lead for Yempo. She’s been with the company for three years now, a pioneer of sorts…

What We Look for in a Candidate

Yempo employees have strong reputations as being high performers. When we are recruiting, we look for these skills:

Problem Solving

You have a logical and sensible approach to solving problems and work hard to get the job done

Customer Service

You will look at an issue from the customer’s perspective and handle it professionally and confidently


You can think outside the square


You will speak up if you see something that can be improved


You actively promote a positive work environment


You are punctual and committed

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