It feels more like you’re going into a living room than going into an office.
Everyone is open-minded and willing to learn new things and not afraid of change. I love the company culture in particular—it’s relaxed, not that strict on rules.


I’ve been with multiple companies before, and I can honestly say, this is the first time that I’ve stayed this long.
Yempo is an awesome place to work and it speaks for itself.


Attrition is not high, which is a sign that Yempo is doing its job pretty well.
Because Yempo can adapt really fast, the company knows what to change and what to improve right away. I like that Yempo values feedback coming from their employees.


I appreciate that employees can work individually and independently.
On my first day, I immediately noticed the friendly environment, that it was not a toxic workplace. Everyone trusts me and lets me do my job; nobody is looking over my shoulder.


At Yempo, everyone is very close, like a big family, and everyone trusts each other.
Yempo is void of politics and toxicity, which really builds a positive culture.


Yempo is built on trust and integrity.
Even though Yempo is a flat organization, the management values employees’ growth.