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Finding the Right Company

If you’re in the market for a new job, you’re in luck. It’s a job seekers’ market right now, with abundant vacancies and employers competing for top talent. In this type of market, you can afford to be selective about the company you join.

Let’s look at each of the following in relation to choosing the right organization.

  1. The Position
  2. Company Size
  3. Company Culture
  1. The Position

Of course the most important factor in selecting the right company is the fit of the vacancy for your skills. If you have a highly marketable skill-set you may have multiple job offers to consider, but study the role closely to make sure you will be successful in it. It’s always tempting to take the highest-paid offer, but a job with an initial lower salary may be a better long-term fit for your aspirations than a higher paying role in which you may not succeed.

  1. Company Size

If you have a broad skill-set and can adapt easily to different requirements and tasks, you may be better suited to a small company with loosely defined job descriptions. This type of company can offer opportunities to develop generalist skills, which in turn can be a faster path to leadership positions than narrow, specialized roles. Conversely if you are already a specialist, a larger company may offer more growth opportunities within your specialization, or allow you to develop even deeper skills in your chosen field.

  1. Company Culture

A small, agile start-up has a completely different culture to a large multi-national organization. The former is well suited to people who can adapt quickly to changes, while the latter offers much more structure and clear processes. Company culture also drives how employees are treated. Do you thrive on high stress, work-hard, play-hard environments? In companies with this type of culture, the rewards can be large, but the demands may take their toll. Or do you prefer an organization that genuinely fosters work-life balance to retain its talent.  There are many ways to discover the culture of a business, by checking online for company reviews, or by closely monitoring how you are treated as a candidate when applying for a position.

A company that accepts your employment application but you never get a response from them does not value its reputation in the marketplace, and does not care about establishing a warm relationship with job candidates. Rude, dismissive or unresponsive recruiters offer insight into how you might be treated as an employee of the company.

To find out more about Yempo’s culture, check out our awards, our online reviews and try applying for a position to experience our excellent treatment of candidates. Good luck! We hope you join our company soon!