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Employee Spotlight: Tonette

This month, the light shines on Tonette, our Sales Support Administrator in the Cebu office. In her role, Tonette is responsible for maintaining good end-to-end client relations, as well as performing other client-related related tasks. Read on to learn more about her Yempo experience.

Can you describe your role at Yempo?

I used to source leads for Yempo to add to our sales pipeline but now I am in charge of drafting proposals, preparing the onboarding pack for new clients, and anything in between, for as long as it is related to client and headcount growth.

When did you start working at Yempo?

I started working with Yempo on September 1, 2020.

What can Yempo employees contact you about?

Although my responsibilities are direct to Michelle, our CEO, Yempo employees can still contact me if they need help for anything or even for casual talks.

Can you share any latest projects you’re working on in 2021?

This year, I was assigned to one of our leads, until they are ready to convert to become a client. So far, I am working with their marketing team to assist them in data gathering and learn their new marketing tool.

What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job is the diversity of the scope of work. I get to work on something different all the time and it has helped me gain more skills, knowledge, and experience.

What are your strongest skills?

My strongest skill is flexibility. I can easily adapt to any environment, and I can learn a task quickly.

What was a challenge you experienced at Yempo and how was it solved?

The challenging part for me was in my first few days of working with Yempo. I was not used to the work-from-home setup, especially since I had not met my colleagues in the flesh yet. Fortunately, the admin team has a monthly virtual get-together and my direct supervisor allows time to talk to me virtually to keep me on track. That helped me overcome the challenges I encountered.

What do you like best about Yempo’s culture?

I like how helpful everyone is. Whenever I need assistance or have questions, I can mostly rely on anyone, even the management, to help me with it. Also, Yempo is a pro-employee company. They always make sure to take good care of our welfare and well-being. One thing I have learned in my job as the Sales Support Administrator is that we only engage with clients that also have the same values and aspirations when it comes to employee’s welfare and well-being. That is only one of many examples of how employee-friendly Yempo is!

Which core value (commitment, excellence, community) is the most important to you? Why?

I value commitment. Being committed entails dedication and the ability to focus on how to achieve goals and meet expectations.

Where do you see your career 5 years from now?

I enjoy working with Yempo that I can still see myself working here, maybe in the same position or anything law-related since I aim to finish my law degree five years from now.

Do you have quotes, advice, or mottos that you follow that might inspire other Yempo employees?

We should not settle for the “how,” but we should always ask “why.” While “how” makes you do the work, the “why” drives you to do it. For it is when we recognize the purpose, that work becomes more fulfilling.