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20 Highest Paying Jobs in The Philippines 2023

Like the rest of the world, the Philippines was also hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic-led lockdowns meant the companies were either completely closed or working with a reduced workforce to cut expenses.

Those were terrible times for the Filipino populace. It had to bear the brunt of reduced incomes and, consequently, reduced purchasing power. Companies resorted to layoffs rendering a large workforce either unemployed or underemployed.

The unemployment figures went into double-digits and hit as high as 18%. Many companies that did not lay off their employees outrightly asked them to wait until normalcy returned. It did not dramatically jack up the unemployment figures, but the employees were effectively jobless and without salaries.

That time is hopefully behind us, and things have turned out for the better. The jobless figures have come down to a single-digit level and currently hover between 6-7%. The GDP growth rate has also improved and is now around 6.5%.

These are encouraging signs and show that the economy is cautiously progressing. It poses a happy picture for job seekers who can expect better wages and more opportunities in the job market.

Feature 20 high paying jobs in the Philippines for 2023

Here, we will look at 20 of the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines that you can aim for as a job applicant. As a general rule, if you want a higher-paying job, keep upgrading yourself as if you have a better skill set and can fetch higher pay.

With that, let’s look at 20 of the highest-paying jobs you can count on for higher returns in 2023.

1- CEO:

Let’sLet’s kick off the list with the head honcho of any organization; the CEO. As the top employee of any organization, it is also the highest-paying position. Another great thing about it is that it is always in demand.

As a CEO in the Philippines, you can expect an annual salary of around PHP 13 million, depending, of course, on your expertise and experience.

2- Digital marketer:

Digital marketing is a very in-demand profession that is likely to remain relevant in the coming years too. The Philippines is digitizing rapidly and is also a choice destination for Western companies looking to outsource their IT-related work.

If you are adept in digital marketing, you can have ready takers who can pay you handsomely depending on our skillset.

3- Data scientist:

Data is the oil, gold, and silver of the current age. It is imperative to crucial decision-making in any organization. There are differing jobs available in this category. You can be a data processor, analyst, miner, manager, engineer, entry specialist, etc.

4- Teacher:

As long as there are people, they will need to be educated. Teaching is an ever-green profession. And it has so many levels. You can be a kindergarten to a university-level teacher. It depends on your inclination.

Technology has added another dimension to teaching. You can now teach anyone remotely, take up freelance tutor jobs, make teaching videos, and earn through them online.

5- Chief Technology Officer (CTO):

The IT professionals in the Philippines are having a field day. The position of the CTO is among them. You can expect a remuneration of up to PHP 9 million as it is among the highest-paying jobs. Software houses, Managed Service Providers, Cybersecurity companies, etc., all want a CTO, and the demand is here to stay.

6- Financial manager:

Finance is also one of those areas where the demand is ever-present. Finance directors and heads of financial directors can easily earn between PHP6-7 million in a year. If you have a thing for numbers, then a career in finance could work wonders for you.

7- App developers:

We cannot imagine a life without apps now. Many organizations develop apps for in-house use only, and there is a never-ending stream of general-use apps. If you have complete command over app development, you can never be out of a job and expect hefty packages up to PHP6.5 million.

8- Marketer:

Traditional marketing is also alive and kicking in this digital age. Marketing is another ever-green profession, and its professionals also get high pay. An experienced marketer can fetch a salary of almost PHP6 million.

9- Sales officer:

Along with marketing, sales jobs are also enduring. It is a good career option as there is always a demand for good sales professionals, especially in the FMCG sector. Without sales, a company cannot prosper and move ahead.

10- Web Developer:

Web development is a thriving profession nowadays and will remain so in the foreseeable future. You can also call them programmers, coders, etc. There are dozens of coding languages like PHP, Laravel, CSS, etc. Their experts are in high demand, and these jobs rank among the highest-paying jobs.

11- Social media managers:

Managing social media accounts has become a full-blown profession. Every company has a social media presence, and managing it requires mastery of various skills. If you are a good time planner and communicator, you can earn handsomely here.

12- Project Manager:

Project management is now also a prized profession. It takes a combination of technical prowess, interpersonal skills, and market know-how of the business you are handling to excel here. Once you have made your mark, you can easily hop jobs and expect significant returns. Project Managers’Managers’ jobs are among the highest-paying jobs.

13- Health professionals:

There will always be a demand for good health professionals. Besides doctor and surgeon, you can be a paramedic, nurse, first-aid provider, physiotherapist, and a host of other health service providers. You can make a successful career and earn your patients’ respect.

14- Mental health professionals:

We are all living busy and stressful lives. Hustle culture, competition, and high expectations have all taken a toll on our mental health, and most of us suffer from one mental health problem or the other without even realizing it. The Philippines has a dearth of mental health professionals, and you can earn well in this field.

15- Fitness experts:

In this image-conscious age, everyone wants to look their best. It means people are concerned about their physical shape and form. It opens a window of opportunity to those who want to make it big in the fitness industry. An internet presence means you can have remote clients and earn well.

16- Customer support representative:

The Philippines has a flourishing call-center industry. Many western companies have outsourced their help centers in the country, opening a bevy of jobs in this sector. A good customer support representative is always in demand, and the pay structure is healthy too.

17- Real estate agent:

As the cities in the Philippines expand to accommodate the influx of migrant workers, housing demand has increased. The real estate agent’s job is to find accommodation to suit his client’sclient’s needs. It is a tiring job but, at the same time, very rewarding too. You can try your luck here if you are a good communicator and have negotiating skills.

18- Banker:

The traditional banking system is still intact despite the arrival of digital banking. It means that as a banker, you can earn reasonably well and be in demand too.

19- Chemical engineer:

So many things we consume and use result today from a group of chemical engineers sitting together and developing them. Chemical engineering is a well-paid profession, and despite the arrival of technology, hasn’thasn’t lost its relevance.

20- Delivery drivers:

In the end, we want to talk about delivery drivers shuttling goods from one point to the other. Yes, we may be heading towards driverless, automated cars, but it will take time before they become routine, especially in the commercial transportation sector. careers:

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