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Interview Tips for a Winning Result

So, you wrote a resume that got you noticed and now you you’ve been invited to meet the hiring manager. Here’s how to ace that interview!

Before the interview, find out as much as you can about the company. What are their main products and services? What are their core values? Where are they located? You will probably not be asked any of these things, but the knowledge will give you confidence. You can also find ways to weave the knowledge into your answers.

Regardless as to whether the interview is online or in person, dress for success. Dressing well will give you confidence, which is critical in impressing the hiring manager. Make sure your clothes are clean, you’re freshly showered and your hair is tidy. If your interview is online, ensure the room is quiet, organized and well lit, or use a background to conceal a messy room. Test the camera and audio beforehand.

Before the interview
Arrive at the interview no more than 5 minutes before the start time, and don’t be late! If you are ready or arrive more than 5 minutes early, wait elsewhere until it’s time. If you are late, make sure you advise someone in advance that you will be late, and apologize on arrival with a very brief explanation for your tardiness.

Behaviour in the Interview
Sit up straight and make eye contact, and if you’re at an in-person interview, don’t clutch your bag as if you need a life-saver! If you anticipate being nervous, read up on body language and how it can improve your confidence. Standing in a superman pose for 2 minutes can make a huge difference!

Listen and Clarify
Listen carefully in the interview. If the interviewer is a foreigner and you struggle to understand their accent, just ask them politely to repeat something if you missed it.  

If you are asked a question, make sure you understand it before you answer – if you give an unrelated answer, the interviewer may think you have poor comprehension. If you can’t think of an answer, just say “I can’t think of an example right now, could we come back to that question later?” 

At the end of the interview, you might be asked what questions you have. A foreigner will typically be expecting this to be the most interesting part of the interview, so you will want to prepare some questions in advance. If you forget, you can always ask “what are the next steps?” or “how do you rate my chances to be hired in this role?”. 

If you have the skills, qualifications and behaviors required for the job, the number one determining factor in the interview will be how interested you are in the role, and your confidence and communications skills. If you practice these, you’ll land that role!