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Why You Should Build Your Online Brand

Branding is not exclusively applicable to companies and organisations. No matter how you feel about it, everybody, including you, has a personal brand. Having a personal brand can significantly affect your career and opportunities since it defines your value proposition.

What is a Personal Brand?

Today, social media has changed the way we view branding. That’s why branding is no longer just a tool for major corporations to market themselves.

A personal brand is the way you want to be viewed. It is a curated image that tells your story and communicates the interests, talents, skills, and values you want others to know about you.

Here are some reasons why building a positive personal brand image could help you:

It makes you stand out from the crowd.

In a world with many fish in the sea, be the special one! A well-crafted personal brand sets you apart from other applicants who might have the same degree and experience as you. A positive brand that sets you apart will make you the applicant employers will always remember

Companies are screening your online footprint.

Nowadays, everything can be easily googled, including your background! With social media and just a few clicks, it’s easier for employers to screen and find information about you. That’s why personal branding can make or break you.

Having a positive personal brand helps you build your reputation with everyone connected to you or even possible future employers. If your personal brand highlights your solid experience and expertise in a niche or industry, then people will be likelier to trust and employ you.

It leads you to opportunities.

A compelling personal brand can make you a highly desirable candidate in an evolving work landscape. It can even help you expand your professional network, leading to connections and potential career opportunities to advance your career further!

It can open multiple doors to job prospects and opportunities that align with your professional goals and expertise, even with minimal effort!

It builds trust and credibility.

Building your personal brand means telling people what you want them to see you as. In a way, you let people get to know you by projecting your image. That’s why if you showcase your strong expertise and credibility, employers will be more likely to trust you and hire you.

Think of it as you’re a product on an e-commerce site. People will generally read all your reviews, both positive and negative, before making the decision to check out. If you have overwhelmingly positive reviews, then people are more likely to trust and recommend you to others.

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