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An Employee Guide: Recognising Green Flags in the Workplace

In today’s job market, employees are more empowered to choose a company that fits them best. Gone are the days when applicants only looked for the salary and benefits. Of course, these still matter, but in the last few years, not only can employers filter their candidates, but applicants have as much capability to choose the best possible career opportunities for themselves.


We usually look at all the red flags when considering the company, we apply for, and rightfully so! We don’t want to endure another toxic workplace, and trust us, we’ve all been there before. But while we keep our guard up for all these red flags, we often forget that looking for green flags is equally important.


Let’s talk about five workplace green flags in a company:


  1. Job Posting

Green Flag: Their job post is transparent and concise, with all the necessary details, including the salary range.

A job post with a clear job description that includes the salary range and avoids vague details is a green flag. It shows that they value transparency and respect their applicants’ time by giving all the necessary information they need with a short read-through.

Being upfront about the job responsibilities helps set realistic expectations and gauge if you fit the role. A company that doesn’t shy away from being transparent to applicants is likely one that also keeps its employees sufficiently informed.

  1. Work Flexibility

Green Flag: They support flexible work arrangements, which means the company aren’t looking for seat warmers but for a job well done.

There are countless benefits of having flexible work arrangements for employees and employers alike. Of course, there are many job profiles where it is limited, but work flexibility doesn’t always mean working from home, it can also mean flexible hours or compressed work weeks.

Employers who acknowledge these arrangements are a huge green flag and are most likely to support their employees’ well-being and life outside their jobs.

  1. Employee Tenure

Green Flag: A company with many long-tenured employees suggests they value employee satisfaction and retention.

One of the primary reasons employees stay longer in a company is when they feel valued and supported in more ways than one. Recognising this green flag also means they nurture a healthy company culture that motivates people to stay and grow within them.

  1. Positive Workplace Review

Green Flag: Their online ratings from former and current employees are exceptional.

Online workplace ratings like Glassdoor and Jobstreet are based on user-generated reviews, allowing current and former employees to give. Although these reviews are based on individual experiences, they can still help assess company culture and pinpoint potential green flags to look out for before considering a job offer.

Checking online reviews before joining equips you with valuable information to make informed decisions. If comments are generally positive, consider it a green flag to move forward with the opportunity.

  1. Work-life balance

Green Flag: Employers that not only promote but practice work-life balance.

According to an article from ABS-CBN News, one of the largest media in the Philippines, most Filipino jobseekers are looking for stable jobs and work-life balance. This is why it is a green flag when an organisation promotes and includes a healthy work-life balance in its culture.

It implies that your potential employer recognizes the importance of your time, commitments, and overall well-being.

Yempo has always been a company that values and practices positive employee engagement programs, which promote a healthy work-life balance. We value commitment, excellence, and a sense of community in our employees and aspiring candidates. Our company culture and positive Glassdoor reviews back this up.

Yempo welcomes aspiring applicants looking for a company that supports flexible work arrangements with well-informed and long-tenured employees like you! Visit our jobs page to find the perfect job to advance your career!

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