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How to Build Your Online Brand

A quick refresher: Your personal brand is how you want to be viewed. It is a curated image that tells your story and communicates the interests, talents, skills, and values you want others to know about you.

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Now that we’ve established the importance of having a personal brand online and how it can significantly affect your career and opportunities, let us guide you in building your own! 

Audit your brand

First, audit yourself. You need to know where you are right now to keep moving forward. Gather everything about you and analyse what you can leverage and what things you can improve.

Catalogue everything – your credentials, achievements, experiences, people’s perception of you, attitude, and work ethic. This will help you capture your best self and identify your bad traits.  

You’ll be more effective at communicating your own brand when everything is organised.

Be authentic

Show off your personality! In the digital landscape saturated with curated personas, authenticity helps you stand out. Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the key to creating a solid online presence. 

Begin by introspecting on what authentically sets you apart. Skills and experience can be acquired, but authenticity makes you stand out. Playing to your passions helps your online brand and builds a reputation that attracts potential employers to hire you.

Showcase your achievements while sharing the struggles or mistakes that led you to where you are now. Employers will appreciate your vulnerability and openness.

Optimise your profile

You’re a job seeker looking for career opportunities, so it’s only fitting that your profile is optimised to reflect that. This includes your professional name, bio, photo, and tone. Your potential employer might quickly lose interest in knowing more about you when they’re talking to a cartoon character with an inappropriate bio. It’s also confusing for hiring managers using social media platforms for recruitment. If you applied for a role under the name Jojo Mendoza but you’re sending follow ups from a profile named JJM the Rock DJ, you are increasing their workload in validating who you are.

Your goal is to stand out professionally, not in a way that will turn off potential employers. Keep your tone authentic but still professional. You can still sound genuine and not sound like a robot. Remember, authenticity sets you apart.

Have a strong referee

Referees or references are peers who can vouch for your character, skills, and accomplishments. They play a significant role in reinforcing your claims and solidifying your brand online.

Strong referees add credibility and differentiation. When other people trust your expertise, people who don’t know you are more likely to trust you. It’s just like any item online; the more positive reviews it gets, the more people will buy it. 

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