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Yempo Values

Yempo Values

Why do companies have values, and what is their purpose? I’m sure you’ve been introduced to company values in previous organisations, and noticed that some are different, and some are the same. Why are they important?

Each company works to define its values, usually when the company first starts, and they typically represent what the founders believe are important to build a successful business where people will enjoy working. Specifically, values:

  • Shape the organisational culture
  • Differentiate a company from competitors
  • Inspire people to action
  • Influence overall behaviour
  • Communicate what is important
  • Dictate personal involvement and alignment
  • Contribute to the overall success of the organization

Many organisations list “integrity” and “honesty” as their core values. Why doesn’t Yempo? Don’t we think they are important?

Of course, we do. In fact, we believe they are so important they don’t need to be stated. Just like we don’t list “being a human being” as a value, we believe integrity and honesty are embedded in our very core.

Yempo values Commitment, Excellence, and Community. And this is what they mean to us.


We say what we will do, and then we do exactly what we said. If we make a commitment, there are only two possible outcomes:

  • We deliver the agreed outcome in full, on or before the due date we stated.
  • We negotiate a new outcome or a new due date before the original outcome falls due.

What is a commitment anyway? It’s a statement saying we will do something or be somewhere. Here are some examples of commitment:

  • I’ll have the report finished by the close of business
  • I’ll see you at the company event tomorrow
  • I’ll ask my manager and get back to you today
  • I don’t know the answer, but I’ll find out and let you know before the end of the week

How we demonstrate Commitment:

  • We always give a realistic date for completion and ensure we honour this commitment.
  • We never use the words “soon”, “shortly”, or “asap” when telling someone we will do something. Instead, we say “before Friday” or “in the next hour” or “tomorrow”.
  • We never ask for a deadline extension after the deadline has passed. In missing a deadline with no forewarning, we may have impacted a sequence of activities that we aren’t even aware of.
  • We are punctual, and we advise the appropriate people if we will be late or suddenly can’t attend.
  • We are loyal to Yempo; we tell someone if there is an issue so it can be fixed.


Our work is of the highest quality as standard. Excellence is not the same as perfection. We don’t need to be perfectionists; sometimes, we have to make pragmatic decisions to get things done.

How we demonstrate Excellence:

  • We are professional in the workplace; we treat all co-workers with the same respect we treat a client.
  • We act with the utmost integrity; being honest and open in sharing necessary information with Yempo.
  • If we see something, we say something. We notice unusual events and take action, we don’t wait for others to do it.


We are members of multiple communities. Our families, our friends, our colleagues, our barangay and our country are just a few. Within these communities, we have a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

How we demonstrate Community:

  • We are polite in all our communications
  • We seek ways to connect and interact with colleagues outside of our immediate workgroup
  • We engage in Yempo social and community events, and we engage with Yempo’s social media accounts
  • We tell Yempo about our community work so that Yempo can help out, too!
  • We provide assistance to a colleague
  • We share our skills and knowledge

What do you think of our values? How do they compare to the values in other companies? Let us know in the comments.

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