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Finding the Right Company

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If you’re in the market for a new job, you’re in luck. It’s a job seekers’ market right now, with abundant vacancies and employers competing for top talent. In this type of market, you can afford to be selective about the company you join.

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The Perfect Candidate in The Eyes of a Recruiter

The Philippines, like any other emerging economy, has a highly competitive job market. Every job vacancy has many applicants, and there is tough competition among candidates to stand out. It can be frustrating for job seekers, who often wonder what it takes to attract a potential recruiter.

If you are among them, you need to read this blog, as here we will discuss what makes a candidate fit for a job vacancy.

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Write A Resume That Gets Noticed

It should be no surprise that the quality of your resume* is critical in landing a new job, but it’s remarkable how often the basics are overlooked. Does your resume have major flaws that aren’t getting you past the recruitment team? Here are our tips for a top CV*

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What Is Hybrid Work and Why It’s Better Than a Traditional Job

More and more people are working from home, but the traditional office is going to be around for a while. Many companies are now offering hybrid work options, which allow employees to split their time between work-from-home jobs and working in the office.

It is popularly referred to as hybrid work and is very much in vogue now. Especially in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, this model has proven to be a success.

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How to Land Your Dream Job

What is your dream job? Is it a job in a specific industry, in a desirable location or working for a certain company? Or is it the job description that inspires you? Or the salary? Whatever it is that has you daydreaming about leaving your current job, it can be achieved – if you set goals and work diligently toward meeting them.

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